Thursday, December 23, 2010

White Out!

You have to love Minnesota weather. Or at least pretend that you do. I honestly do not mind the weather here. I can take it or leave it. However, I have never seen so much snow in my life in one month let alone one day. The big snow storm that many of you were aware of that happened 2 weeks ago was the 5th largest snow storm in Minneapolis history.

Alex and I finally decided to break down and buy a snowblower. There is no way we could have gotten out of house. By the time Alex finished the sidewalks and moved on to the driveway, the sidewalks were covered again. It has proven to be a fun but very useful toy.

Cider loved the snow we got before because she could still run around in it and quite frankly, so could we. Unfortunately, the snow is so high now that we cannot get in. So her freedom to run has been limited to the length of her leash. She just got licensed so now we can take her the dog parks around the city and let her run around.

Alex pretends to not be obsessed with the puppy, but he absolutely adores her.

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