Sunday, December 5, 2010

Going to the Chapel

It is hard to believe that it has almost been 2 months since Alex and I tied the knot. I could remember every detail so vividly for days and weeks afterwards, but now it is starting to become a blur. Thankfully we had an amazing photographer that captured the special moments of the day and some of my favorite memories. Many have seen the pictures on our photographers blog, Kelly Brown Weddings, but I thought I would share some of those special moments that I will treasure forever.

1. The moment that our florist, Eric, dropped off my bouquet. One of the reasons I decided to use Eric and Floral Logic, was because he said he would personally hand me my bouquet. All of the planning was starting to fall in place. The moment brought me to tears.

2. Of course, getting into my dress. Wow! I felt like such a princess. I still have a hard time believing that it is me in these photos.

3. The moment my dad walked into the room and was brought to tears. I will remember that forever.

4. Alex seeing me in my dress for the first time. He was speechless.

5. The last few moments with my dad before walking down the aisle. It all happened so fast. I just wanted a few more seconds to take a deep breath and take it all in. However, the doors swung open and the Wedding March began . . .

6. The kiss! We were announced husband and wife . . . FINALLY! All of a sudden all of the heartache, disappointment, tears and stress melted away.

7. Our cake . . . not only did it taste good but it was absolutely beautiful. Again, Eric from Floral Logic outdid himself.

8. Cutting the cake and sharing a piece with my husband.

9. Eating a delicious dinner with my husband at our sweetheart table surrounded by our closest family and friends. Listening to all of the beautiful words spoken by my dad, Alex's brother and my MOH, Annie.

10. Dancing with my husband. Our song was Dave Matthews Band's "You and Me."

11. Dancing with my dad to our Alma Mater, the O'Neill Brother's "Notre Dame, Our Mother."


Mattie said...

You're photos are beautiful, but they don't do the wedding enough justice! It was an incredible event. Isn't it amazing how quickly time goes by once the date passes? Thank you again for letting us share in witnessing you become a wife! Now, BRING ON THE BABIES!!!

NDEmBug said...

No babies anytime soon. Cider will keep us busy for awhile.