Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cider and Leaves

Fortunately, we had one beautiful day outside to spend with Cider before the snow came. We needed to rake the million leaves in our yard, so it was fun to get some pictures and video of her playing in them.

She is quite fascinated by the camera. She likes to get up close and personal.

Alex was using the leaf blower which she had no idea what to think of it.

She didn't understand the concept of fetch. She was much more interested in keeping the ball to herself and chewing on it.

Pretty puppy . . .

Sleepy puppy . . .

I am certain that Cider has some Lab Retriever in her because she loves to pick up sticks and carry them around. Even ones bigger than she is . . .


Since we had a large pile of leaves, why not throw the pup in? She seemed to be enjoying playing with Alex.


Wish we could have had a few more pretty days. April cannot come soon enough!


Kristan said...

AAAHHHHH so cute it hurts! I want a puppy again... Then again, Riley acts like a puppy a lot still. Without the spontaneous falling asleep, and the puppy fuzz. But those are some of the best parts!

Mattie said...

She's adorable. Makes me remember when Layne was a cute puppy and not a pain in the neck! JK. Enjoy her!