Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snow Cider

We received our first snow fall a little later this year in mid-November. I think the totals were about 6-8". We only had had Cider for a week. As I mentioned, I wish we had a bit nicer weather longer so she could enjoy it more, but that will have to wait until April or May.

Cider did not know what to think of the snow at first. We had a bit of a difficult time trying to get her out in the morning. After Alex and I suited up in our snow gear and were able to play with her in it, she seemed to enjoy the snow.

She really enjoyed running around in it with us.

It is amazing how quickly they find a spot in your heart. I absolutely adore love our little Cider/Gremlin.

She was definitely tuckered out after running around in the snow. Of course, so were we. :o)

I am not sure who enjoyed the snow more . . . Cider or Alex?

Cider quickly turned into a bunny and learned that hopping in and out of Alex's footsteps made it easier to maneuver through the snow.


Ape said...

so cute. i love the one of her running and her ears are up in the air.

Kristan said...

GAH she is SO precious! Yes, the ear pic is spectacular. Also, I love at the end of the second video when you're like, "Oh!" As in, Oh, she's going into the road, stop her! :P

Mattie said...

That's adorable! I was excited to see about an inch of snow this weekend and then I see yours...boy AZ has a bit to learn! P.S. Paul was wearing a tshirt and shorts the other day in our 80 degree weather.