Monday, December 20, 2010

Every beagle needs Woodstock . . .

I absolutely love spoiling Cider. It is so easy when she looks at you so innocently. Plus if it prevents her from using Alex and I as human chew toys, then bring on the toys. I found a very large Woodstock at the store and thought she had to have it. After all, every beagle needs their trusty sidekick, Woodstock. I loved her reaction and watching her carry Woodstock around.

It is amazing how quickly dogs find that special place in your heart. I thought for a long time after we said goodbye to our family's beagle, Tootsie Roll, that I could never love a dog the same way again. However, Cider has made it easy. At the same time it is a different love. Joe and I enjoyed the fun part of Tootsie Roll. We didn't do the hard work of training her and taking her to the vet and to the kennel. Sure we helped out but nothing in comparison to what our parents did for her.

Now Alex and I are doing the hard work of raising a puppy. I find myself calling my mom often and asking if what Cider is doing is normal or should I be concerned. Although Cider is part beagle, she is very different from Tootsie Roll. Then there are those moments, when she does things that the T. Roll did and it makes me smile. Partly because it is silly but also because it brings a little bit of my Tootsie back to me.

For example, why do they insist on putting their heads on the cold hard floor. Shouldn't this be reversed? (I am pretty sure I have a picture of Tootsie doing the same that I'll have to find.)


Kristan said...

Awww, Tootsie was a cutie.

Riley doesn't even like dog beds much, probably because we let him sleep on the couch and our queen-size bed... o_O But he HAS slept with his head under the sofa before, which just looks so weird! It makes him look dead AND decapitated.

I totally hear you on how different it is to love a family dog growjng up vs. love a dog you choose and raise on your own. It makes me wonder how I could ever love another dog as much as Riley... I guess each one is special in their own way, right?

Ape said...

cider with the new toy is adorable!

Mattie said...

Um, yes. I have a photo similar to the head on the floor with Layne. Silly dogs.