Sunday, December 5, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

The week leading up to the wedding was stressful, fun and memorable. It began with the arrival of my fabulous MOH and cousin, Ann. She surprised me with a "Bride" sweatshirt which I loved. For the first time since getting engaged, I finally felt like the "Bride." Planning the wedding for a year in a completely different state than your mom and MOH does take a bit of the "fun" out of the whole process.

After Ann arrived, it was time for the arrival of tBotB. We decided to have fun in the airport while waiting for Joe and decided to make him a sign. He wasn't impressed and actually walked right by ignoring us. However, he had a smirk, so I knew he secretly enjoyed the attention.

We ran around doing errands for most of the week. I wanted to get everything done before Friday, so that we could enjoy our pedicures and manicures and relax at the Rehearsal. We got all dolled up and headed down to Edina, for a very relaxing spa morning followed up by a very delicious lunch. Then it was time to practice!

Joe was a very good sport about standing up on my side for the ceremony. It was a bit non-traditional, but at the end of the day, I want to be able to look back at our wedding photos in 50 years and see 2 people that I know will still be very special to me.

We actually got to sign our marriage certificate that evening. I wasn't ready to sign my new name "Emily Jane Hallinan Mavridoglou." Yes. I kept my maiden name. However, I have moved it to my middle name. I just couldn't part with Jane or Hallinan. They are both very special names to me.

After the Rehearsal, we headed over to Stella's restaurant for a very lovely evening shared with our wedding party and family.

My one true love.


Kristan said...

Woot for 4 names! That's my (current) plan too. (Not that it's happening anytime soon, no worries!)

Anonymous said...

Cute pics!

Let me know how the two-middle-name thing works out. I tried to do the exact same thing, but after the Social Security card came back twice incorrect, I ended up dropping the Hogan. Still wish I had tried to keep it. :( Well, at least I had the great opportunity to continue my name - it's Teresa's middle name!

Hope you are well! :)