Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jail Break!

Cider is growing very fast and getting smart. Since we can't trust her yet to roam free in the house due to her nasty biting/chewing/nipping and potty habits, she is confined to the kitchen with gates. The gates have now become her newest toy. Since she is much bigger and stronger she is actually able to crawl and jump over the gate.

As a temporary fix, Alex tried to put the cage in front of the doorway. That didn't stop her either. He has since rigged up a plexi glass cover so her little paws can't use the grating as a ladder. That stopped her for awhile too, but if she wants over she will get over. She proves that when there's a will there's a way.

Back to the cage . . . with her newfound skill she easily scales the side of her cage. She has been caught standing on the countertop (we think she jumped from cage to countertop). We have moved the cage to the middle of the kitchen, where she will simply sleep on top of her cage.

I have begun to wonder if there is some cat in her too . . .

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Kristan said...

Oh man, it's so hard to be mad at a face that adorable!! And Spiderwoman, hehe, I like it.

We lucked out, Riley is very docile in terms of "breakouts" -- he never even tries. We have a pen that we kept him in for the first couple years, and eventually we realized that we didn't even have to lock it. If we just closed the door, as far as he was concerned, there was no getting out.

He also hasn't been a chewer, historically, but he did recently eat the fingers of Andy's glove, which made Andy pretty mad... But that's 1 of only 2 things Riley has ever truly destroyed.

Of ours, that is. HIS toys barely last a day...