Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Apologies

I apologize for bringing the cold temperatures back with me to Ohio. However, we should be getting a warm up for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day . . . close to 50 degrees. Holy Crap! I should have brought my shorts and flip flops.

Here are some pictures Alex took of the weather we left behind in Minneapolis. Sadly, we left a white Christmas in Minnesota for a wet Christmas in Ohio.

We made it home safely to Ohio. Although, we did have to wait 2 hours ON the plane before we could get de-iced. Thank goodness I purchased Mama Mia for my iTouch. That kept me occupied and quiet while we waited.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday is still June 20th. However, almost 6 months later to the day I finally got to redeem my present from Alex. He bought us tickets to go see Celine Dion in concert here in Minneapolis. We were supposed to go in October but she cancelled the day before and rescheduled for February. Needless to say I was disappointed. For one reason or another she rescheduled for December, two days before we headed home for the holidays. 

Alex took me to a fabulous restaurant, Seven Steakhouse. It was probably the best steak I have had in a long time.

We ordered a shrimp cocktail. These were a meal in themselves. They were HUGE and tasty!
"My Heart Will Go On" (the third encore) is always a crowd pleaser. To hear her sing it in person always gives me chills.

Celine was not even finished with her 3rd song, "Power of Love," when Alex leaned over and said that "This is amazing!" Alex admitted he was skeptical of coming but now has complete respect for Celine and understands why I enjoy her so much. It was the best indoor concert he saw, the second best overall. That is a pretty bold statement for someone who would much rather be at a hockey game.

It was a great birthday. I was happy to finally get to celebrate with Alex since we were apart in June.

Target Holidazzle Parade

A couple of weeks ago we headed to downtown Minneapolis to see Target's Holidazzle Parade. It was more for kids . . . I think . . . but it was still fun. We hung out in Caribou Coffee for a bit drinking the best hot chocolate and apple cider I have ever had trying to keep warm beforehand. Alex forgot to bring his hat. Needless to say, he was pretty cold.

All of the floats and people were storybook themed and covered in lights. Overall, it was a lot of fun and festive. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Starting to Look Like Christmas . . .

Alex and I decorated our home for the Holidays this past weekend. We opted to not do lights outside this year just for the simple fact we are heading home in less than 3 weeks. Again we were a great team with regards to decorating the tree. It is very helpful to have 6'5" human being in the house to get the top lights and ornaments on.

We realized that another thing we need to figure out as a couple is how to decorate our tree. This year we are doing ornaments from our childhood but hope in the years to come to add our own ornaments. And of course, I want the d├ęcor to match so hopefully the after Christmas sales will give some inspiration.

We did buy new stockings for us which I absolutely love! Now we need to get the chimney cleaned and buy some firewood to keep us warm on the cold winter nights.

My absolutely favorite purchase is our Nativity scene. Maybe next year we can get a manger . . .

Our First Thanksgiving Dinner

Alex and I stayed in Minneapolis for the Thanksgiving holiday this year. Since we are going home over the Christmas holiday we thought it would be easier and more economical to stay put. We started planning our Thanksgiving menu and purchased everything way in advance. Since I am not the cook I wanted to make sure I took everything into account. I even thought to buy a meat thermometer! Alex even pulled out the pre-stuffed turkey to thaw in advance. Of course, we were a little to ambitious and realized that we need to cook the turkey straight from the freezer. Oops! I blame the package design. We took a chance and felt that we caught the oversight in enough time.
Alex was very helpful in the kitchen. He did mention that he could sense I wanted to try to do as much as I could . . . which he was right. He would periodically baste the turkey while it cooked in the oven. I also had him peel the potatoes.

The turkey took 5 hours to cook in the oven. Of course, we were ready to eat at hour 4.

Isn't it pretty . . . for a turkey?

Alex carved the turkey. I figured for a 10.3lb turkey there would have been more meat on the plate. I think Alex must have had a few pieces on the side.

We ended up having quite the Thanksgiving feast. Although, we wish we could have been with our families. I was proud of myself for cooking as much as I did and getting the timing just right. Everything finished at about the same time. Alex said I did a great job and was very impressed with my cooking skills. Maybe I learned more than I thought from years of observing Mom cook countless dinners. Perhaps, there is a little "cook" in me after all.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!