Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Starting to Look Like Christmas . . .

Alex and I decorated our home for the Holidays this past weekend. We opted to not do lights outside this year just for the simple fact we are heading home in less than 3 weeks. Again we were a great team with regards to decorating the tree. It is very helpful to have 6'5" human being in the house to get the top lights and ornaments on.

We realized that another thing we need to figure out as a couple is how to decorate our tree. This year we are doing ornaments from our childhood but hope in the years to come to add our own ornaments. And of course, I want the d├ęcor to match so hopefully the after Christmas sales will give some inspiration.

We did buy new stockings for us which I absolutely love! Now we need to get the chimney cleaned and buy some firewood to keep us warm on the cold winter nights.

My absolutely favorite purchase is our Nativity scene. Maybe next year we can get a manger . . .

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Kristan said...

Okay, that is definitely the coolest nativity scene I've ever seen!

We decorated our tree tonight too. It's, um, fake and not nearly as big as y'all's, but given our space constraints I think we'll stick with it for a few more years. We're both going home to our own families for the real Xmas day anyway.