Monday, December 20, 2010

Rub-a-dub-dub Cider's in the tub!

*I was talking recently to a good friend, and it became quite evident that I am obsessed with our puppy. This blog has already shifted to be about our adventures with Cider. So get ready for more of our very loveable and absolutely adorable puppy!*

Cider's first bath was memorable. She also was being an absolute gremlin. We put her in the cage for a timeout which she proceeded to pee . . . a lot. Then she rolled around in it. Seriously?

It was late at night but Alex ran out in hopes of finding dog shampoo at our local Walgreens and CVS. He struck out at both places because they were closed. So Pantene Classic Care would have to be used. Not ideal or recommended but we had no other choice at that point.

I am guessing because of the Lab in her, she handled the water quite well. She only tried to escape once, but I think it was because she was getting cold.

While I don't recommend using Pantene on animals, it did leave Cider with a lot of fluff (volume) and smelling fresh.

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Kristan said...

LOL Pantene! Riley does *not* like baths, although he has learned to tolerate them quite respectably.

And hey, I'm all for more adventures with Cider. It lets me live vicariously with a puppy again! :)