Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sweet and Sassy Cider

It didn't take long after we arrived back from our honeymoon before I began looking for a puppy to adopt. Ever since we moved to Minnesota, I have been aching for the unconditional love and companionship that a dog gives its owner. Alex had hesitation and wanted to wait until after the wedding. I reluctantly agreed. In all honesty, now having a puppy, there would have been no way that we could have trained a puppy and planned a wedding.

So the wedding was over and I had a big void in my life, so I immediately began searching rescue group websites for puppies for adoption. I came across a group called BARK. They were holding an adoption event at a local Petsmart. I saw Cider on the website and definitely wanted to meet her. So Alex and I went to check out the event.

She and her brothers were all crazy puppies. They were called the Halloween puppies, named Cider, Jack (o'Lantern), Spider, Tricker (Treat) and other seasonal names. Once I picked her up, I knew in my heart, that she needed to come home with us. We left to check out another adoption event, but I couldn't stop thinking about her.

If we agreed to adopt Cider, that meant we would come home with her that day. I was a little nervous. Nothing was ready at the house and we didn't have anything for her. After a quick call to my parents, who told me, we'll never be ready and that they knew we'd be bringing home a puppy, we decided to take a leap and adopt Cider.

So we signed the check and she was handed over. We dropped her off at the groomers in the store so that she could get cleaned up while we frantically ran around getting food, cage, toys, collar & leash, etc.

She made herself at home and settled in quite nicely.

I did a little research about her story. Cider, her mom and siblings were found and rescued by BARK from a pound in Kentucky where they were about to be put down. They made the long trip to Minnesota. She is definitely a beagle mix. The big question is the mix. I am pretty sure there is some labrador retriever in her. The rescue group expected her to get to about 36-38 pounds. At 3 months, she was 14 pounds and she is getting bigger everyday.

Making herself comfortable.

All tuckered out with her Clifford.

So happy to be home!

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Kristan said...

AWWWW I love how she is climbing all over you. Clearly she loves her momma. (PS: Sorry if y'all don't call yourselves her mom and dad. Andy and I weren't going to do that, but everyone else does it to you, so it kind of sticks...)

Can't wait to see and read more of Cider! She's a beauty. :)