Tuesday, July 5, 2011


WARNING: The following post may contain what one normal person would consider to be offensive imagery. Please keep in mind, it was part of my brother's graduation gift, and will never happen again.

The weekend of June 10th, Alex and I travelled to Columbus, Ohio (aka C-bus) to witness my brother graduating from The Ohio State University. I was very much looking forward to the visit but dreading what I committed to myself to do . . . wear tOSU paraphernalia.

Several things made it easier to wear scarlet . . . 1. it was for Joe, 2. it would be one time only, 3. our parents would also be wearing tOSU paraphernalia and 4. tOSU and the Sweatervest were and currently are in the middle of serious NCAA sanctions. The best part is that Joe had no idea what we were planning.

We met up with Joe after his ceremony rehearsal on campus where the surprise was unveiled. His reaction was worth it!

After hugs and laughs, Joe began his "Day in the Life of Joe" tour. It began at Ohio Stadium (aka The Shoe). I think the combination of the scarlet tee and being in tOSU territory made me a little nauseous.

I didn't let that get the best of me. We had a lot of fun in the stadium and strategized where we would sit for the big event.

Apparently the place was getting to me because I participated in the traditional "O-H-I-O." I just hope this stuff doesn't come back to haunt me.

Now this is one Buckeye I can stand behind . . . U-S-A!

The next day we toured the State Capitol. I had been there once in high school for my AP Government class, but we never really got a tour. So we enjoyed walking around the building and checking out the rooms, art and architecture. I enjoyed the map of the Ohio counties. The 4 of us quickly found our birthplaces. I think this trip made me realize how much I love being from Ohio.

I am considering doing this lovely landscaping in our yard next year . . . what do you think?

That evening tOSU hosted a Candlelight Ceremony for the graduates. It was a very nice event and quite moving. President E. Gordon Gee and legendary Archie Griffin spoke to the graduates and wished them well. At the end, a single flame was passed through the crowd of graduates and families.

Joe then took us over to see the new student center. This place was amazing. Most of it was shut down for the night but we were able to get sense of the activity during the day.

The BIG DAY finally arrived. We were very anxious to see Joe graduate. We got up early and headed over to campus to make sure we got a good seat in the stadium. It turned out to be a beautiful day. The sun was out with an occasional breeze to cool you off. It was impressive to watch all of the graduates march in and take their places in the stadium. We enjoyed all of the crazy decorated caps. Speaker of the House, John Boehner, was the guest speaker. He gave a very moving, inspirational and humorous speech.

The time came and Joe graduated! Raise the roof!

I am so proud of my baby brother. He has grown up into a decent young man. Me, well, I guess I still need to work on growing up myself.

After the ceremony, President Gee was available for photos with the graduates and families. President Gee is very accessible to the students and seems to be a very nice man.

The weekend events ended with a celebratory drink at Joe's local bar, Inn-R-Out. I think he was nervous about what we would think. I have to be honest, it was definitely several steps up from a few bars I found myself to be in South Bend.

All in all, it was a very successful and enjoyable weekend with the family. Joe recently started a new job with pharmaceutical lab in Columbus. We could not be prouder of him and what he has accomplished.


Kristan said...

Aww, congrats to your bro!

And that O-H-I-O pic of your family is TOO cute!

Mattie said...

Congrats to Joe! I love the photo of your family in your birthplaces. Too cute!