Monday, May 30, 2011

Camptown Races

Alex and I headed down to Canterbury Park yesterday for some good old fashioned horse racing. The place was really nice compared to River Downs in Cincinnati. As usual, we had no idea what we were doing and I went for the usual gut – color or name – instinct. It worked the first race but then my horse came in 4th for the next couple.

So we started to get logistical with our picks. Figuring out how much money the horse has made, how many starts the horse has made, how many times he has won, who the jockey was, etc.

That didn't work for us either. So we went back to our gut. My gut won big! $16!!!

Before the last race we bet on, Alex caught (or should I say ran to catch) a t-shirt they were flinging into the stands. Clearly, we should have stopped while we were ahead, because we lost big.

At the end though, we figured we only lost about $15. Not bad for an afternoon at the races.

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