Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rake the Roof

I don't know how to put it Minnesota Nice, but this past winter absolutely stunk! The second we stepped off the plane from Hawaii, we had crappy weather. To be honest, we have yet to have nice weather. Apparently, when the sun does come out, that causes tornados (more on that later).

Since we had a "warmer" winter that meant we had more snow. Weird, right? The snow built up into what is called ice dams on our roof. This was discovered because I thought Cider had an accident in our bedroom. When I was inspecting the "accident" water began dripping on me.

After a bit of research and a couple hundred later, we were ice dam free. Alex also invested in a roof rake. That is right kids, we (Alex) had to rake the roof to prevent the snow from building up.

All I know is that we better have a great summer or our time in the Twin Cities will be shorter than expected!


Kristan said...

Wow, never seen such a thing, but it looks useful. I wonder if my parents need one in Houston. (For massive amounts of leaves and pollen, not snow.)

Minta Gatlin said...

Raking the snow off your roof is one annoying job, but it will save you from more damage and expenses. Just don't over rake the roof, be careful or you might scratch its material. Another thing you should keep keep an eye on is the ventilation of your attic, if there are signs of ice dams.
Minta Gatlin @

Julio Wells said...

Very well said, Minta! As an adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Now if there's already an ice dam in your roof, it's not really wise to remove it yourself as you might worsen the problem or worse, injure yourself while doing so. The best you could do is leave it to the pro. Julio Wells @

Anonymous said...

Hi, Emily! It's not only the roof rake you need to invest to if your want your roof to be ice dam-free. I suggest you watch out your attic's temperature as its warm caused the snow to melt and freeze by the air outside air. Insulate your attic to keep it cold.
Terence Watthens @