Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swing Batter Swing!

A couple of weekends ago my family came for a quick visit to Minneapolis. We are planning a big European trip and decided the only way for us to really get planning properly is if we were all in the same room together. So they packed up and we started EuroTrip Bootcamp.

But it wasn't all work, we had some "fun" too. The Cleveland Indians were visiting the Minnesota Twins so we got tickets to the game. My dad, from Cleveland, is a lifelong Indian fan which of course was passed down to his son. I can't say I enjoy baseball all that much, but I do like anything Ohio (with the exception of tOSU) and being outnumbered so why not.

The game was fun because I was with my family in Target Field and the Indians won, but it was one of the hottest days we have experienced in Minneapolis and it made watching the game a bit on the unbearable side. I just kept telling myself that it 3 months it will be below zero temps and I will be wishing it was in the 3 digits again.

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