Friday, September 10, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

Alex was able to get awesome seats at the Metrodome for the Vikings preseason game against the Broncos. I was particularly interested in this game because Brady Quinn now plays for the Broncos. It was actually a Notre Dame football reunion. There are quite a few former Irish standouts that play for the Broncos including Miamisburg, Ohio native David Bruton.

Tim Tebow also is a quarterback for the Broncos. However, I don't care for him and he prevents Brady from playing. So I was rooting for the Vikings 2/3rds of the game, hoping they would make Tebow look bad so Brady would come in. When Brady finally did come in to play, I switched and rooted for the Broncos.

The next day we headed down to Chicago to meet up with my family for the Notre Dame game the following day. We got what I would consider a late start . . . but we got there nonetheless. We were able to "tailgate" for a minute, get over to the bookstore, and see the band march by us on the way to the stadium. I was hoping to get a game of cornhole in with my new set, but some snotty ND fans took over the entire area around our car, so we weren't able to play. We had great seats for the game and the Irish looked great. Especially since they won. It was a good start to the season, let's hope it continues.

After the game we bumped into Nate Montana, the famous Joe Montana's son, and were able to get a picture with him. It is about as close as we'll ever get to Joe, since he refuses to give autographs, photographs or even handshakes.

We also found that ND has erected statues of all of the championship coaches at each of the gates to the stadium. My favorite depicts a classic moment between the greatest Notre Dame coach in my lifetime, Lou Holtz, with two of the greatest players to ever play at Notre Dame, Tim Brown and Tony Rice.

As much I have seen my family this summer, you would never know that we live 12 hours apart. I was a little sad to say good bye to them this time, just because the next time I'd see them would be in a month for the wedding. Which is coming up way too fast. I have moments of panic but know that everything will all work out.

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Kristan said...

"As much I have seen my family this summer, you would never know that we live 12 hours apart."

Which is so awesome!! I only see my family like 5-6 times a year, and that's considered pretty good by most people, considering how far apart we are.