Friday, September 10, 2010

Restoring Honor - 8/28 Rally

For our last family trip, just the 4 of us, my parents wanted to go back to DC. It surprised me a bit, especially since we all agreed we would not go when we did not agree with the sitting President. However, my mom became very interested in the 8/28 Rally "Restoring Honor" organized by Glenn Beck. You can say whatever you want to say about Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin for that matter, but until you experience something of this magnitude and see the people that attended, it would probably be best to withhold judgement.

We spent Friday walking around DC visiting places we weren't able to visit 2 years ago. We saw Ford's Theater and received a very educational lecture about the evening Lincoln was assassinated. We headed over to the Smithsonian to view "Old Glory." I would have to say that was probably a big highlight. Across the street was Environmental Protection Agency where I hugged a tree.

Saturday morning we woke up early (not as early I as I would have liked) in hopes of getting on the Metro to get over the Lincoln Memorial at a decent time. When we got to the station, there were hundreds of people already lined up. There was no room to spare. When the Metro train came to our station it was already packed full of people. It was a little daunting, but kind of exciting too!

When we got off the Metro, there were crowds of people heading toward the Lincoln Memorial. I was starting to get excited that people were excited and passionate enough to travel from all over the country to stand together and make an important statement. We can differ in opinion, but we must remember how and why our country was formed, and the people who along the way fought for our freedoms.

Secretly, I was hoping for some protestors. But I only saw one, and he was incredibly outnumbered. The quality and class of people was second to none. After the rally, everyone picked up after themselves, and put their trash by the waste bins.

The next morning we headed over to Georgetown. I wish we could have stayed longer because it was an absolutely adorable town. The weather was unbearably hot. We were only able to get in a visit to Kate Spade and the only existing pre-Revolutionary War building. I was bothered when I found out that the British taxed for closet space. Yikes! I would have to pay a hefty tax for all of my shoes. Let's HOPE it doesn't CHANGE back to that way. ;o)

It was a great weekend spent with my family. Again, I was sad to say goodbye, but I knew I would see them the following weekend at Notre Dame.

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