Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bathroom Refresh

One of our first projects on our house to was to fix up the basement. We (Alex) recently finished remodeling the basement bathroom. With a little help from our friend Nevin, we (Alex) put in a new tile floor to replace the linoleum. We painted the walls taupe. Tore out the built in sink and replaced with a pedestal sink. I absolutely love it.



I'll post pictures of the basement overhaul. Perhaps this weekend after I can clean it up a bit. We are now going to work on the main bathroom next. It will definitely require some serious planning.


Kristan said...

Wow, nice job!! Wanna remodel my place? Lol.

I'm not changing out any fixtures or appliances, but I am trying to do some little things (rearranging, throwing junk away, adding unique/personal touches) to make our condo more homey and attractive. I still have a ways to go though...

Anonymous said...

Wow it looks great! You guys did a good job.
Sorry we missed you when you were here - I will try to call you soon to catch up!

Mattie said...

You (Alex) did an awesome job!