Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back to Reality

We had a great time in Ohio, despite the fact that I got pretty sick towards the end of the visit. It was so nice to be home for more than a few days. It was weird to not have anything to do other than hang out with my family. We spent Christmas Eve with my family and spent Christmas Day with Alex's family. Since we were home for over a week we were able to visit with my Uncle Chuck and Aunt Mary and my cousins Bill and Charlie. We were also able to visit with my cousin John and his wife Kathy as well as my cousin Ann (my MOH) and got to finally meet her boyfriend.

It was definitely hard to come back to Minnesota. Maybe spending so much time at home made it harder. I really liked being home. Of course, it didn't hurt that my mom took care of me while I was sick. Alex does a decent job. However, there is nothing like having your mom nursing you back to health.

Once we got back to Minnesota we were faced with very cold temperatures. I know – it is always cold. On top of that, we got locked out of our house. Long story short, we locked an extra lock that we didn't have a key too and our one door handle would not budge. Probably due to the cold. As we waited for the locksmith to arrive, I sat in Alex's car finishing my movie from the airplane on my iTouch. At least I had something to keep me occupied and a warm place to sit.

We got a nice lesson from the locksmith about locks. Perhaps we'll follow his recommendations. Either way it was an expensive lesson to learn. Not really how I wanted to start off the new year . . .

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