Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thank you General!

This past January I was finally able to take advantage of the perks of Alex working at General Mills. You see, many of the holiday parties hosted by General Mill's vendors is for employees only. However, now that Alex is now part of Yoplait, I got invited to their division's holiday party. It was held at the swanky Chambers Hotel.

The invitation said cocktail attire. Yikes! I own nothing appropriate for a cocktail party. So with the help of my friend Kristin, we hit up the Mall of America in search of the perfect "little black dress." Fortunately, I found one at a great deal or should I steal. It was originally $250 marked down to $50. That is a good deal, right? Well when I checked out, it rang up as $30. Even better!

We had fun at the party. They had door prizes, lots of great food, music and poker tables. Alex and I spent most of the night at the poker tables playing with fake money. I was winning a lot of money. Alex thought it would be a great idea to go gambling for real. I said it wouldn't be fun when we lost the real money. I am just not a risk taker when it comes to money.


Kristan said...

Dude, that's a GREAT deal! A steal, in fact.

Coho party is this weekend (delayed like whoa due to... lots of things, but mostly the move) at Lavomatic. No cocktail attire required, but ya know, we work with what we got. ;P

Mattie said...

That's my kind of shopping!!