Monday, July 20, 2009

Farming at the Minnesota Zoo

One of the neat things at the Minnesota Zoo was the working farm. We rode a tractor trailer out to the farmhouse. All of the usual animals were there; horses, cows, chickens, pigs, goats, sheep, even a bull. I didn't hesitate to get up close to the animals. They all made me laugh.

I'm not sure what kind of chicken this is but I loved how he was covered head to toe in feathers. 

This little guy must have been so full and exhausted from eating that he fell asleep in his trough.

Alex and I made a discovery with the sheep . . . they don't "Baaa." Instead, they "Maaa." Can you guess which one is Alex? (Sorry for the sudden orientation change – I always forget when I am recording video.)

I have been wanting a dog but I think the zoo opened up so many more options . . .


Kristan said...

Omg the pig asleep in his trough! So cute!

And yeah, I ALWAYS forgot video orientation. I finally trained myself, after 3 yrs. Mostly...

Mattie said...

First of all, I have to say that the photos you took at the zoo are amazing. It must be that artistic side in you. :) But seriously, you should consider professional photography!! Especially the one of the clown...amazing shot!!

So has living in MN opened you up to new experiences? It seems like it! I think that's probably one of the only reasons that I would move somewhere new.

As for the pets, I think you should get the pig. :)

Emily Hallinan said...

alex is the photographer. he hasn't taken much in way of classes. i think he has a future in something photography if he is interested.

minnesota so far has been great. i think i have done more this year than any year of my life that i can remember. hopefully there is more to come.