Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Bike

For my birthday, Alex got me a new bike. I think Alex had intended on getting me a quality bike for "serious" bikers. We headed over to some bike shops to get myself sized. Getting back on a bike was not as easy as I thought it would be. It has been at least 8 years. 

Overall, I was a little bored with the lack of selection or rather lack of color selection. I guess when I wandered over to the bike accessories to look at flowers and cute baskets to decorate the bike, Alex decided that I was not the "serious" biker he thought I was or would be. So off to Dick's Sporting Goods for a more economical bike.

I ended up liking and receiving a Diamondback Lustre. It is white with lime green (my favorite color) surferesque graphics.

Alex and I live on Victory Memorial Parkway which is part of the Grand Rounds. A very long bike path that loops around the Twin Cities. Watching people everyday go by our house on their bikes was what made us decide to get bikes. Of course the areas that we ride closest to us are rather hilly and have a lot of stop and goes. I am not in the best of shape as evidenced by the photo and I have no leg strength. So I have found myself walking up a lot of the hills. The first 8 mile ride I walked maybe 6 times. I think the second time maybe I walked 4 times.

I think I drive Alex nuts when riding. He takes off at the speed of light. Once I make it up a hill from walking, I am riding my brakes all the way down the hill. I think I just have a fear of losing control and wiping out. It reminds me of my skiing adventure. I am currently trying to find a stylish helmet to go with my bike. That might give me a bit more confidence. 

Despite my fear on the hills, we have had a lot of fun on our bikes. We rode up to our local Dairy Queen for ice cream several times well as one of the local beaches to catch some rays. 

I would like to give my bike a name . . . if anyone has suggestions please share!


Anonymous said...

Yes you DEFINITELY need a helmet!

And you'll get used to riding - we have a bike here in CA which I use all the time. The hills were killer at first but now they're no big deal. I like to at least think I'm in shape now. Just better shape I suppose is a start. :)

Eight miles! I'm impressed! That's a long trip!

Kristan said...

Riding to DQ ought to be pretty good incentive! But I'm with you on not speeding to my death down a hill. Just doesn't seem like a good idea...

Pretty choice. As for names... Hmm, any characters you particularly like? Places?