Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rest in Peace Whiz

Last weekend our small town celebrated their "Whiz Bang Days." There were a lot of small events occurring throughout the weekend such as as a wine tasting, carnival, parade and fireworks. Alex and I rode our bikes up to the carnival on Saturday. We got the typical carnival food and played the typical carnival games. I was determined to win a goldfish. I never did when I was a kid so I thought maybe I would have better aim this time around. Lucky me I WON!

I named my goldfish "Whiz" after "Whiz Bang Days." She was a great fish. She enjoyed her short bike ride home in her plastic baggy. She made her home in a flower vase. She took a few laps back and forth. I even splurged and got her some food. Unfortunately, Whiz lasted less than 24 hours. I found her the next morning lifeless. I will treasure the few moments we had together. I realize its not the quantity but the quality of the time.


Kristan said...

Aw. But that's exactly why I told Andy I didn't want to win a goldfish at the Clinton County Fair last week!

Mattie said...

I'm so sorry about losing Whiz. He/She will always be remembered.