Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Festivals and Tornados, Oh my!

Alex and I have continued to enjoy the weather as much and as best we can. The temperatures have soared above the 70s. We have been in the high 80s the past few days and will be for the next few days. There is humidity, but nothing compared to Ohio. 

This Friday will be my last Summer Day at Aveda. Fortunately, I have had the privilege of having 3 additional Fridays off this summer. (Of course, I have to work a few extra hours on the other days.) As I told my mom on the phone, that means winter is just around the corner. On a bright note, I will see my fabulous North Face jacket again. 

There is certainly not a lack of stuff to do during the summer. This past weekend we went to the Uptown Art Fair and the Irish Fair. We had a lot of fun at both. Unfortunately, there was not much to take pictures of but we had fun nonetheless. The Irish Fair was great. Alex and I had Fish 'n Chips, Soda Bread, and Tarts. yummy! We watched rugby, boxing, Irish dancing, listened to classic Irish tales and Irish music. I'm looking forward to next year already.

We were supposed to go the Robbinsdale Fire Department street dance on Saturday night, but we left 5 minutes after we arrived because a tornado touched down in the neighboring town. No one seemed to be bothered or phased by this fact. Our neighbors and Alex were giving me equally a hard time. I was most concerned about my computer and portfolio. Yes, those are strange priorities. However, my ability to get a job resides in both of those things and they ARE NOT replaceable. I cannot redo 7 years of design work. Besides the storm was sitting directly over Aveda. If Aveda blew away, where would I go to work? Anyway, everything turned out to be okay. There was damage from the tornado but nothing serious that I heard.

Alex and I are heading to the PGA Championship this weekend. I definitely know nothing about golf, but it is a once in a lifetime experience. Maybe I'll get Tiger's autograph . . .

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Kristan said...

Whoa, Summer Fridays off?! NIIIICE.

Tornadoes, not so nice. But meh, there will be another street dance, I'm sure. I'd freak about my laptop too. Gatsby is my baby...

Woot golf and Tiger! I started playing with Andy, it's a lot more fun to play than watch! (Except Tiger. He's fun to watch.)