Sunday, August 23, 2009

Drive a Golf Cart - Check!

Inspired by the PGA Championship, we headed over to the driving range to hit some golf balls. I have always had issues with my eye hand coordination, but I really started to get the hang of it after awhile. The driving range is next to General Mills which is directly ahead in this picture.

Alex was very patient with me. He taught me some basics. Keep my eye on the ball, don't move my upper body, keep my left arm straight. There is so much to think about in the game of golf.

I did pretty well, considering it was my first real time holding a club and hitting the golf balls. I got a few in the air, but most of them just rolled down the green. I actually did get the ball to land about 2-3 feet from the flag which was pretty exciting.

As most of you all know, one of my great life goals is to drive a golf cart. I know, what a way to reach for the stars. Well, now I can reach for the stars because I finally got to drive a golf cart. Alex and I headed over to a Par 3 course and I drove him around. And yes, it was as much fun as I always imagined.

It was very relaxing out on the golf course. I enjoyed the peace and quiet except for the few expletives Alex would shout out when he didn't hit as well as he'd like. 

What is next on my list of things to achieve? Hmm . . . Eat fried food on a stick! That will be next weekend at the State Fair.


Kristan said...

Hehe, Andy and I played a round of 9 this morning. I've really come to love playing golf (except, like Alex, when my shot doesn't go within an acceptable range). Lessons REALLY help, if y'all decide to do that.

Mattie said...

Don't worry, Emily. I've gone golfing with Paul and handful of times and my balls still roll along the grass. :( You're doing much better than I am!

How have you never driven a golf cart before. Don't your parents live on a golf course?!

Emily Hallinan said...

Yes, my parents live on a golf course. Ironically none of us really golf. There are 2 golf bags sitting in there garage though. What can I say . . .