Tuesday, September 1, 2009


One of the things that we kept hearing about the State Fair was all of the food-on-a-stick. For some reason there wasn't as much food-on-a-stick as we thought there would be. However, that did not prevent us from eating all kinds of greasy goodness.

#1 Onion Blossom. It was decent. I still prefer Outback's Onion Blossom.

#2 Chocolate Malt. This was very good.

#3 Cheddar Cheese Curds. These were okay.

#4 Sweet Corn. Again very good.

#5 Fried Alligator. Very chewy but actually decent.

#6 Deep Fried Snickers. So I thought this would be good. However, the more I think about it now, I wouldn't eat it again.

(The inside of the deep friend Snickers. Not very appetizing.)

#7 Twisted Tater. The top was okay but the center was soaked in grease. It was pretty gross.

#8 Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar with a cold glass of milk. Yummy!

#9 Chocolate Dipped Key Lime Pie on a stick. Sounds better than it was.

Alex had every intention of eating a bunch of crap but after a few deep fried foods, we quickly were turned off. I was also glad that we shared all of our food. There was so much and it was expensive.


Kristan said...

Omigod I don't know how y'all ate all that... I think the BUCKET OF COOKIES is what over-did it for me. o_O

Mattie said...

Everything is better on a stick...

ice cream...ice cream and popsicles
caramels...sugar daddies
hot dog...corn dog
fluffy sugar...cotton candy
bananas...chocolate covered frozen bananas
pancakes and sausage...pigs in a blanket