Sunday, January 15, 2012

Merry Cider-mas!

For Christmas this year, we packed up the car and headed home to Ohio to spend it with our families. We dreaded the 12 hour drive but were excited to get home for a week of relaxation. Fortunately, we had great weather and did not miss out on a White Minnesota Christmas. In fact we have only had 10 inches or so compared to last years 50+ inches that we had by this time of year.

I knew Cider would be great in the car. Alex was a bit apprehensive. However, Cider did amazing. We were able to make a few stops to get her out and about for a quick walk and potty break. She did not lie down once in the car. She preferred to sit in the back and stare at us. I think she wondered where we were going.

For Christmas, Cider received her very own Chewy Vuitton and she loves it! We are twinsies.

My mom outdid herself this year with the Christmas dinner. It was quite a spread and very tasty.

The visit consisted of spending lots of time with my family, sleeping, laying around, run around, visiting friends and playing with Cider. She did awesome with my parents things too. A few mishaps but for the most part she was great. It was nice to have 3 extra helpers with Cider too. She enjoyed the attention. She did however earn herself more freedom our house as a reward.

The drive back seemed a lot longer although we made it back to Minnesota in 12 hours. Cider finally laid down to sleep which was nice.

We are already missing Ohio.

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Kristan Hoffman said...

Haha, sounds like she does better in the car than Riley does. He's kind of a high-strung pup, so he pants and whines a lot at first, until he finally resigns himself to the ride and sits facing the backseat or corner. And as soon as we slow, he thinks we're done, so he starts whining again. :(