Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Growing a Green Thumb

Being a homeowner is stressful. Sure you have to keep it clean, pay the mortgage, replace/fix things when they break unexpectedly . . . but for me the biggest stress I have had so far is figuring out what to plant in my yard. 

The previous owners had an interesting take on landscaping. We don't have a picture but in the
 back yard was a weird shaped landscaped area randomly up against the neighbors fence. There were some random bushes planted. One of the first things we did this spring was to pull all of it up and seed over it. The grass has come in nicely but so have about 6 hostas. I had no idea they were there and that they are very persistent and hardy. We plan on transplanting those to the side of the house. 

Another thing the previous owners had put in were rocks instead of mulch. At first I hated them and decided they had to go. However, when I tried to remove them it became very hard. So Alex and I decided to reshape the front. The rocks do provide some value . . . I think they keep the melting snow from causing leaks in the base





When my parents came to visit, my mom brought some ground cover and salivas (sp?) from her landscaping. They are all coming in quite nicely. It is nice to have a little bit of Ohio in Minneapolis. 

We also finally got our patio furniture and have been enjoying many meals out on our deck. The weather has been so beautiful that we try to spend as much time as humanly possible outside. It will be gone in 4 months and then it will be another 6 months of winter. 

One pleasant surprise from the previous owners is a white peony bush. I thought this thing was ugly in the fall and wanted to get rid of it. I am so glad I waited to find out what its story was after all. As with all fun, pretty, and fragrant flowers – they disappear quickly.

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Kristan said...

"It is nice to have a little bit of Ohio in Minneapolis."

Cute! And good luck. I'm terrible with living things that aren't cute and cuddly...