Friday, October 31, 2008


No pictures but I thought I would share our first official Halloween handing out candy. We did run out of candy. We had 570 pieces give or take a few (we treated ourselves to several pieces), but that still was not enough. 

Some favorite or interesting moments include;
1. Young girl (age 15-18) in everyday clothes coming up and opening her purse saying "Trick-or-Treat."
2. Two children walking up the sidewalk with mom and dad escorting them, or so we thought, until both mom AND dad held out their bags and said "Trick-or-Treat."
3. Mom comes up and holds out two bags expecting candy. We must have had looks on our faces because she said "I know I'm too old, right? My son is in the car. His legs are tired." Okay, that explains one bag in your hand . . . what about the other one . . .
4. Kids wanting to choose and/or upsize their candy.
5. "Trick-or-Treat," "Thank You," and costumes are optional.

We did have fun though . . . for the most part the kids were nice and appreciative and parents reminded them to say "Thank You." We did get two older kids to do tricks for us. Our favorite costumes include; frogs, police officers, Dr. Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2, and a Boxer.

I haven't trick-or-treated in 15+ years but things seem to be a lot different.


Kristan said...

Yeeeah... In Houston, you get a lot of, er, less fortunate families loading up in vans and driving to the nicer neighborhoods to trick or treat. Because they usually have like 4-6 young adorable costumed children, it's hard to get upset. But yeah, that #1 on your list is pretty ridonkulous...

Btw, did you know Brian left?! Yesterday was his last day. He's going to NYC like he's always dreamed of. I wasn't sure if he'd gotten a chance to tell you yet.

Mattie said...

You guys had WAY more trick or treaters than we did. We had about 20. Half of them were teenagers not even wearing costumes. Guess that means that we get to eat the rest of the candy that was purchased!