Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Halloween

I can't remember the last time I carved a pumpkin but Alex and I decided to be silly and get in the holiday spirit. Plus I wanted to have some decoration for next weekend. According to our neighbors we should expect up to 600 trick-or-treaters because we are on the parkway. Parents drop the kids off at the beginning of the street and pick them up at the end. 

Alex wanted to get artistic and show his love of hockey. I decided to go traditional with my pumpkin.

Alex worked very diligently on his pumpkin design.

I now remember why I haven't done this in years. Yuck!

I was surprised with my end result. I was not forced to cut off teeth. I am actually quite proud of my traditional pumpkin face.

Of course, Alex always has to show me up! Here he is with his Minnesota Wild pumpkin . . .

He couldn't resist. It's the Great Pumpkin!


1 comment:

Kristan said...

Okay, I'm also proud of your traditional pumpkin (which is what I did last year too!) but DANG Alex has some mad skillz!!

Also, SIX HUNDRED trick or treaters?! I adore Halloween and all the cute kids in costumes, but I think the doorbell would drive me crazy...