Monday, September 29, 2008

"Up North!" - Split Rock Lighthouse

This past weekend Alex and I decided to take a little road trip "Up North" to Duluth and Split Rock Harbor. Everyone kept telling us this is the best time to go as the trees are turning color. 

We drove about 3.5 hours up the Minnesota Scenic Byway to Split Rock Harbor on Lake Superior where we found the iconic Split Rock Lighthouse. I have never seen a real working lighthouse so I was very excited. 

The scenery around us was beautiful. Lake Superior is like an ocean in itself. Alex read that Lake Superior could fit the other 4 Great Lakes in addition to 2 more Lake Eries. Also, the amount of water in Lake Superior could cover the entire United States in 3 feet of water. Incredible!

There are these cliffs that are along Lake Superior. The weather was a bit gloomy and I was hoping we'd see more waves crashing up against them which would have been very picturesque. Another Lake Superior fact: Waves can get up to 11 feet tall. I felt like I was in another world at this point. 

The Split Rock Lighthouse came out of nowhere. We were just walking along and there it was.

We were able to go inside the Lighthouse. Every two hours the watchmen would have to go back into the lighthouse and wind up the light so that it would continue to turn for another two hours. They would do this every night. 

Here is what I think is a pretty cool picture that I took. I like that I caught the sunlight as the light turned. Maybe there is a photographer in me after all.

After walking down a series of very steep, wet, wooden steps we were able to get to lake level and see the lighthouse sitting on the edge of the cliff. It is quite breathtaking. My camera does not do it justice.


Kristan said...

It looks lovely! My dad has a thing for lighthouses, so I sort of have a thing for lighthouses. (I think it's the complex of being the third and last girl and wanting to fulfill your dad's hopes & dreams and thus trying to like everything he likes... lol.) Looks like a fun and beautiful trip.

Anonymous said...

Emily, you take really good photographs. They look like they should be in a magazine!!!

Emily Hallinan said...

I wish I could take all of the credit for the photos, but Alex took quite a bit of the lighthouse photos, except for the light. That is mine. It also stinks to travel in a pair with no one to take photos of us. Fortunately, Alex has a long arm and can take them for us. :o)