Monday, September 15, 2008

Here Come the Irish!

What a great weekend! It started out a bit rocky. Dad's car broke down in South Bend and we were trying to get it fixed in time to get to the game. Joe, Alex and myself left Mom and Dad at the car shop, headed over to campus in enough time to sell a ticket, grab a hot dog on the quad and see the band step off. 

Mom and Dad made it just in time for kick off. Of course, as soon as they got there Dad dropped his brat . . .
Things started looking up for us and the Irish once the game officially started. After a few Michigan fumbles, torrential downpours, and lots of ND points we were happy how the day ended.
Go Irish!

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Kristan said...

Oh hey, we watched that game on TV! That is our life from now until, what Feb? College ball on Sat, pro ball on Sun. Oh living with a sports fanatic... (Or as my Chinese mom calls him, a "ball junkie." :P)