Thursday, January 10, 2013

Walk with the Animals

This past summer, Alex and I visited the Como Zoo in St. Paul. It was a place that I wanted to visit because they had gorillas, my favorite animal growing up as a child. 

Como Zoo is pretty small and was an easy visit. We ended up going on a beautiful Sunday in September. The sun was out and so were the animals. Even the cats, albeit they were sleeping.

Walking through the zoo, I got the usual guilty feeling of watching these poor animals roam their very small fenced in areas. They are meant to be in the wild, but they are stuck in Minnesota with goofballs like me gawking at them. I think I was taken back the most with the gorilla habitat. To give Como Zoo credit, they are building an outside area that is larger for our ape friends. However, it was still unsettling to see them confined to such small areas. I couldn't believe how close I got to this Silverback. He was clearly annoyed with the kiddos banging on the window at him. Obviously, the parents haven't watched National Geographic to see what these male gorillas can do when angry. I just wanted to give him a big hug.

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Kristan Hoffman said...

You know, the book LIFE OF PI offers some good food for thought on animal nature and zoos. It's obviously well-researched, and not what I expected to learn.

But anyway. Yeah, haha, the cats are pretty much always sleeping. Just like the house variety... :P