Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thank you Martha Stewart!

For some reason, I got into the Halloween spirit more this year than any year in the past, which isn't saying much. We went to our usual pumpkin patch with the most unusual pumpkins. I worked really hard on picking out 3 pumpkins that worked together proportionately and in tonality of color. (The drawbacks of being a designer.)

Alex and Cider were excited waiting for the trick-or-treaters.

Alex's excitement wore off quickly when my pumpkin got the most compliments. Thank you Martha Stewart! I had seen this in her magazine years ago and had always wanted to do it. I figured this year would be the year.

I filled in a couple of times for Alex to hand out candy. For the most part, I was impressed. The kids were not as greedy or rude as they had been in the past. The parents weren't asking for candy as much either. At the end of the night, Alex came in and showed me what one of the trick-or-treaters left in his candy bowl. It was refreshing to get a blessing on such a greedy night.

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Kristan Hoffman said...

Aw, I think ALL of those pumpkins are great! And I'm really impressed at Cider's hand-paw coordination. ;)