Saturday, March 17, 2012

Photography 101

Today Alex and I headed out to a local park, Minnehaha Falls, to work on our photography skills and to enjoy the AMAZING weather we are experiencing. It is March 17th and it was 80 degrees today. We absolutely deserve this preview of Summer since we still had a 7 foot drift of snow in our backyard last year about this time.

My camera does a pretty good job, considering it is a little point and shoot and I have no idea what to do with all of the settings. I was working on subject and composition. Of course, subject was a bit difficult because everything is dirty, gray and brown. I am looking forward to the greens and colors of spring which should be around the corner. My tulips are 3 inches out and my new birthday lilac bush (which Alex affectionately calls "The Stick") is starting to bloom.

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Kristan Hoffman said...

Nice! I love the 5th down, the CLOSED sign, and the gate. You got some great moving water shots too!