Friday, September 2, 2011

Great Minnesotan Get Together

Last weekend Alex and I headed over to the MN State Fair for a day full of fried food, people watching and fun! We started very early in the morning, catching the bus to head over to the fairgrounds at 8am. It is always very overwhelming when you arrive and walk through the gates. Do we go right, left, straight or head into the Miracle of Birth Center to see the animal babies? What food do we eat first, breakfast, dinner or dessert? There are so many options and I don't think we'll ever get it right.

We decided to visit the animal babies first. Boy were they cute. I immediately wanted to move to a farm to have our own animal babies or just completely change careers and become a Vet. Last time we came to the State Fair we sat for several hours waiting for a baby cow to be born. This year we did not wait around for any birth. However, we did enjoy seeing the baby sheep, piglets, cows, bunnies, chicks and goats.

As we left the Miracle of Birth Barn we found some Alpacas, which have quite the personality.

We even saw clogging Loons. Only in Minnesota.

We ate light the day before in order to prepare for the amount of food we would consume at the State Fair. We had a good idea of what we wanted to eat and what we wanted to try new. We decided to start with some yummy fresh cut french fries.

We then decided we wanted to try the fried pickles. They were surprisingly yummy too!

Alex wanted to get his fried alligator again.

I wanted my fresh sweet corn dipped in butter. Delicious!

We decided to hit the dairy barn and got ourselves a chocolate malt. However, we discovered they also had raspberry and blackberry malts. Think we'll have to try those next year.

We needed a break from the fried food and got some tasty berries and cream.

Last time we got a fried snickers. This time we got a fried twinkie. Next time we are NOT going to get ANY fried candy bar or stale baked good. It was disgusting.

We found some fried green tomatoes. I have always wanted to try them, because they sound like they taste good. Not really the case. They were incredibly bitter. I'll just stick to the movie.

We ended our food come with a small order of Sweet Martha's Cookies, which ended up being 8 cookies with a cold glass of milk for the each of us. We were definitely in a food coma and probably over did it with the cookies. So much, we forgot to document it. Honestly, I can't believe we did not get sick. Looking at these pictures gives me a stomachache. We never got stuffed because we shared everything. Thank goodness.

All in all, it was another successful trip to the State Fair.

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