Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Tulips

Last fall I planted A LOT of tulip bulbs in hopes that maybe a few would grow this spring. I love how tulips look when they are in masses. So with the help of Alex, I planted them in the flower bed along our garage.

I realized I was taking a huge risk. If any of the tulips did appear, they may fall victim to our neighborhood bunnies and squirrels. I was growing a "buffet" of tulips for them.

As luck would have it, the tulips did grow. Most if not all of them. And they have survived the bunnies and squirrels. They are AMAZING! I love walking out the door and seeing them in the morning opened and coming home and seeing them closed.

I love Spring!


Kristan said...

Emily, they're beautiful!! Want to come plant some at my place? ;)

Mattie said...

How I love tulips. I'm quite envious of yours. They are stunning!