Sunday, March 15, 2009

"BIG Bunny II" - Lutsen, MN

After we finished skiing, Alex and I took in the scenery around Lutsen. Alex just purchased a fancy camera and was anxious to take pictures. We were glad that he finally got his camera because in the middle of the gondola ride, my camera decided to quit on me.  

I had never been in a gondola and it seemed harmless . . . until we got in. It was a bit frightening as we slowly moved up the side of the mountain. Alex was taking pictures from every possible angle and each time he moved so did the gondola. I asked him to refrain from moving.

After Alex stopped moving, it was actually quite peaceful and beautiful. It was neat to look out over Lake Superior to see it frozen as far as the eye could see. Since it was getting warmer the snow was starting to melt and began to reveal the streams underneath.

This was just the beginning of our relaxing getaway. Although I can't say that skiing was all that relaxing. I was sore and stiff for the next 2 days. So it was good that we did not have much planned.

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Kristan said...

I love the shot of you looking out the window!