Sunday, March 15, 2009

"BIG Bunny I" - Lutsen, MN

Minnesotans tend to fly south for the winter, however, Alex and I flew even further North this past weekend for a relaxing getaway in a small harbor town called Grand Marais. I think the cold and snow is still a novelty for us. We had a great time and saw beautiful scenery. Even though we experienced a lot it was still very relaxing.

Our first day we headed over to Lutsen Mountains for skiing. As many are aware I have never set foot on a ski slope until now. Preventing any potential arguments stemming from Alex instructing me on how to ski for the first time, we decided to purchase ski lessons for me. Fortunately I was the only one in the class. 

WARNING: Your computer is not running slow. It is just me skiing . . . Instructor Derek witnessed record breaking speed with me. (For the record, I felt like I was flying down the "Flapjack.")


All laughs aside, after several runs down "Flapjack," I graduated to the "Big Bunny." It was time to conquer my biggest fear of the day . . . the chair lift. I am the yellow dot several chairs in front of Alex. At this point I was having severe anxiety. I had no idea what to expect even after Instructor Derek told me what to do. Despite what he said I wiped out coming off.  The rest of the way down was fine since Instructor Derek guided me through the slope telling me what to expect. 

I wish I could say I was a pro after my lesson but that wasn't the case. Alex and I went down the "Big Bunny" two more times before I called it quits. My second time I mastered the chair lift but I wiped out as I was heading fast for a tree. After a long break (Alex tackled a few more difficult slopes) I attempted "Big Bunny" again and wiped out coming off the chair lift. By that point I was completely freaking out. I snowplowed all of the way down. 

I was all smiles at the bottom and ready to call it a day. Alex was very patient and supportive. It was a great experience overall. I will consider going again next winter. If I do, I will need to build up some serious leg muscle. I was sore for the next day and a half. Let's just say I won't be competing in any Olympics any time soon.


Kristan said...

Hey, slow but steady! Also, IS HE GOING BACKWARDS?!??!?! o_O

I've gone skiing once and only did the lessons b/c my mom kept wiping out and my dad was having trouble breathing at such a high altitude. I wouldn't mind going again, but Andy has slightly turned-in feet, so all these blade sports (skiing, rollerblading, ice skating, etc.) aren't exactly his forte. :P

So anyway, I'm proud of you! And it's fun reading about your adventures, hehe.

Mattie said...

How is there still snow on the ground!? IT'S MARCH!