Thursday, October 18, 2012

Swing Batter, Swing!

This past Spring and Summer Alex and I checked out a few of the other Minnesota Sports Teams. The first was attending the Minnesota Swarm Lacrosse game. We had the fortune of being able to sit in box seats at the Xcel Center with the Notre Dame Alumni Club. The owner of the Swarm is a Notre Dame graduate and arranged for the seats. The seats were great and the game was very exciting. It reminded me of cheering on my brother when he played Lacrosse.

We were also lucky to get tickets to the Cleveland Indians/Minnesota Twins game. They were great seats as well. I was decked out in my Indian gear and got quite a few glares. The Indians won the game which of course is always exciting.

We also went to a St. Paul Saints game. It is a great opportunity to people watch because everyone comes to these games. I mean everyone. There is also great entertainment at the change of innings. 

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