Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cheap White Wine

A few weeks ago I found the recipe for my favorite dinner from McCormick & Schmicks online – stuffed Atlantic Salmon. I was determined to recreate the meal for us. After researching ingredients and locating them in the grocery store I was off to the liquor store to get white wine, another ingredient. (In order to get alcohol, you need to go to the local liquor store. It is not sold in the average grocery store or Target. You also cannot purchase alcohol on Sundays in Minnesota.)

I absolutely know nothing about wine. Imagine me walking up and down the aisles looking for "cheap white wine." The store clerk must have noticed my look of confusion and asked if he could help. I replied with "I have a very stupid question. I know nothing about wine, but I am looking for a cheap white wine." The clerk told me no problem, they sell Cheap White Wine. He took me over to the rack and this is what he showed me . . .


I went ahead and bought it. How could I not? With my Cheap White Wine, I was off to my make my favorite meal. The meal turned out fine but I think it tastes much better at the restaurant when someone else is making it for me. 


Kristan said...

LOL that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I love that label!

Food always tastes better when someone else is cooking it, I have concluded. In a way that's good since I make dinner most of the time - I usually don't overeat! :)

Mattie said...

NICE! Was it truly cheap in price?