Sunday, February 1, 2009

The thaw before the snow . . .

I never thought I would be so excited to see temperatures in the 30s let alone 50s. Yes that is correct the past couple of weekends we have experienced above freezing temperatures. And as luck would have it we chose to go to the St. Paul Winter Carnival 2 weekends ago when it was just that . . . 50 degrees. (A far cry from the weekend before with -30 temps for the Pond Hockey Tournament.) It just didn't seem like a "winter" event with the ice sculptures melting. It was actually kind of sad.

They still had what I guess you would call the "Ice Thones" from the crowning of the King Boreas and Aurora Queen of the Snows. Maybe next year, we'll be able to actually see that and understand what that is all about. The "Thrones" were melting and I barely sat on it. Other people were sitting down and getting their backsides completely soaked. Common sense was lacking I suppose.

The ice sculptures were pretty neat, all things considered. As we were checking them out, chunks of ice were breaking off. There were lots of "ohs" and "aws" in sadness. 

We also went ice skating in downtown St. Paul. It was free because we brought our skates. It was a little chaotic at the rink with lots and lots of kids skating around me. It was still fun. I am getting better and better each time I get on the ice. 

I think "winter" is back. The temperatures are going to be in the 30s this weekend. I think I have finally gotten used to the weather. In Ohio, I would bundle up in 30 degrees. Now a coat and scarf will do just fine. I survived the cold temperatures and now it is snow time. 

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Kristan said...

Isn't it crazy how relative weather is? My friends in Texas are like, "OMG NO it's down to 40 degrees!" and I'm like, "OMG YES it's up to 40 degrees!" :P